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Hello, and welcome!

Vlad Victor Rosca is a Consciousness Teacher, Bio-Energy Healer and Multidimensional Worker.

His road to become a Master of Light has taken him through a multitude of energy systems and techniques, from Kundalini Reiki, Cosmic Energy, Shamballa System, Multidimensional Awareness to the Theta Healing Technique, Subconscious Reprogramming, Regression Therapy and the Grigori Grabovoi Technique of Using Numbers.

Learning from the best in the world has been more than a privilege, as all the great leaders of energy-healing have contributed to everything that he is, now available to others – the change of a lifetime.

All this has led him to the creation of ‘Conversation with God’ Therapy, a revolutionary healing session that unites all high-level spiritual and energy healing knowledge available on the Planet today, into a series of all-rounded therapy sessions.

Vlad’s work is split between ‘Conversation with God’ Therapy Sessions and Consciousness Education through a multitude of structural forms and approaches, instructing the people of today about the secrets of energy integration into one’s everyday life.

The Consciousness knowledge spread over millennia is available for humanity today. The time has come to rejoice into the wonders of Light, Life, Energy and God.
Love and trust,
Vlad Victor Rosca