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Conversation with GOD

Healing and Evolution Session

“I have wanted to bring to the World a high-level energy therapy session that unites all the knowledge and practices of energy work throughout the Planet today within the same session - an all-rounded healing and evolution experience for everyone. With God, everything is possible. The result is called Conversation with God.“
Vlad Victor Rosca

“Conversation with God” is a unique calibrated energy therapy that unites all high-level spiritual and bio-energy-healing knowledge available on the Planet today, for the purpose of evolution and healing.

C.G. is primarily a series of high-level energy sessions that connect the client at the level of mind, body and soul with divine vibrational frequency - I AM.

This Therapy is not dependent on the client’s previous knowledge base regarding spirituality and energy, and as such it is compatible with all types of clients. A belief in God, Universe, Divine, Light, Allah is required.

Conversation with God works amazingly for energy workers and healers as well, calibrated their knowledge and already acquired understanding to higher levels of work and existence.

Through contact with this energy during the sessions, major benefic changes are manifested within the client's energy field, on the subconscious mind level (by changing the limiting patterns in evolution, peace, tranquility and fulfillment of goals both socially and personally, of romantic level, family, financial), at the level of cellular information and DNA (through energetic restructuring of physical cells), as well as the spiritual level (soul).

The client comes to these therapies with desires, problems, blockages and life situations that cause discomfort, anxiety, unhappiness, restraints, toxic relationships, inability to overcome the structures formed in the past in terms of relationships, events, trauma, etc. These are resolved and understanding is brought regarding the motivations of their existence until the present time, as well as mental understanding and integration of the existence at a spiritual, mental and emotional level.

In order to function at full capacity with everything we are as human beings, it is necessary to align everything we are - body, mind, emotions, spirit, soul, so that all these energies work in optimal balance.

The God vibration is within all creation and all creation communicates vibrationally. It is the ultimate and primal language of communication.

Souls understand this language and are learning to speak it. This is the journey of evolution – learning to speak the language of creation, the vibrational frequency of God. The journey to I AM.

“Conversation with God” is a direct line of communication through everything that one is for the ultimate purpose of healing and evolution. It is primarily an energy dialogue between the micro and macro existence of life and light.

“This is for you only if you feel it to be in your heart.”

“Conversation with God” are a series of energy sessions that connect your energy, mind, body and soul to the I AM vibrational frequency.

During these sessions one discovers everything that is meant to be known at the present moment, while healing and overcoming the limiting barriers within the journey towards the next steps of understanding and evolution.

“We are not meant to figure out the answers alone.”

“Conversation with God” brings all stories, interactions and essences to the Light, and changes the narrative towards the highest and best versions for the mind, body and soul.

“The perspectives are limitless. The changes, miraculous.”