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Elementals Therapy Package

 The Elementals are key energies with powerful healing abilities.

 Water, Fire, Earth, Air - The four elementals that sustain life on this planet, deeply connected to our bodies, minds and spirits.
 The package contains 4 + 1 sessions.
 4 main sessions and 1 final calibration session.
 Each session is held weekly, in a window period of 40 days.
 The order of the sessions is calibrated individually per each client, according to the best and highest purpose of healing and balance.

WATER Therapy

 The spiritual energy of water teaches balance and empathy. It brings emotional tension to calm, anxiety to relaxation and balances the whole energy body.
 Sleeping becomes a deep restoration of the whole body.
 Recharging comes easier, faster and through peace. Trapped emotions get released, conflicts and energetic disturbances get resolution and the client's daily life improves consistently.

FIRE Therapy

 The spiritual fire teaches passion, emotion and inspiration. Fire sweeps the ground clean for new life to emerge.
 Old, outdated patterns of behaviour and escalated reactions get resolved. The Fire therapy positions the clients face to face with their heart's desire, clearing blockages, fear, shame and doubt, thus bringing focus, determination and confidence in all daily life endeavours (work, relationships, sexual life).
 Feeling energetic from morning to evening becomes easier, optimism boots up and all activities are performed with ease and composure.

EARTH Therapy

 The spiritual energy of earth is the Mother of healing. Pains, sorrows, heartbreak, confusion and distrust are all the main events during this session.
 Healing is being brought to the client, resolving old baggages that have been carried around for too long. Old conflicts are understood, forgiven and accepted. Earth teaches forgiveness and through forgiveness, acceptance becomes a daily life state of being.
 Anger and frustrations get released, thus providing more space for creativity, planning, organisation and efficacy during the client's daily life and endeavours.

AIR Therapy

 The spiritual energy of Air teaches understanding, logic, simplicity and mental balance.
 The mind finds peace. Overthinking, exacerbated fears and anxiety lower considerably until reaching a balanced level mentally.
 The client's capacities of directing attention improve considerably. Insecurities, fear of failure, self-doubts, selfjudgements and pessimism cool down. The mind receives rest and space for effective work and beautiful constructions for present and future.
 The air brings balance to the mind.

ELEMENTALS FUSION (last session)

 Bringing balance to the whole work being done in the period of a month is very important.
 The client leaves with a new sense of being, ready to live from a new state of awareness, leaving behind after understanding, the whole baggage of emotions, blockages and disrupting thoughts that have slowed down their true capacities of living a full, enjoyable, beautiful life.